New WOW Symposium


The 11th New WOW Symposium wil be held at Youmeet in Utrecht, The Netherlands on Sept 25th-28th.

Dr. Bettina von Stamm will present a paper on INNOVATION THROUGH NEW WAYS OF WORKING and the group will discuss the following innovation challenges:

  • What is the impact of the increasing global distribution of groups on the ability of companies to innovate?
  • Do groups have to be collocated to innovate?
  • How does trying to innovate using information technologies change the company and its culture?
  • What’s the impact on trust and the transfer of informal knowledge, which are so important for innovation, of increasingly virtual and distributed groups?
  • How does serendipity happen in a distributed company?

A special fieldtrip/workshop at the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences has also been planned. Breda professors Bernard Drion and Geoff Maree will host a half-day workshop on Monday, September 26 to share information about their Workin’ Wonderland project. Bernard and Geoff wrote the book, Workin’ Wonderland: Where People Gravitate and Managers Navigate. They are crafting a highly entertaining and interactive workshop on new ways of working, hospitality in the workplace, and imagineering in relation to innovation.

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